58/366 what happens when you forget your poster... Pretty good for last minute though. Creative use of duct tape. :) #project366 #photoaday

Last weekend marked the end of another FTC season for my school. One of my team's was able to advance to the LA/SoCal Regionals, which is the 2nd time in our 3 years participating in the First Tech Challenge. I am so proud of my teams. They do not meet as often as other teams, they do not have a lot of mentors aside from Keith and my self and they do all the work from outreach to build to programming. 

The challenge with having my students taking the lead is that sometimes, they forget their poster or other things. But, having them take responsibility for what needs to happen to prepare is better for them in the long run. Students look for leadership roles in their community and being a team captain for a non-athletic team is one option. It gives them 

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